Articles by Julie Phillips-Turner, RYT, AYS
Owner, Chesapeake Yoga & Wellness 

Benefits of a Private Yoga Lessons

The fact is that a private yoga class can improve the practice of any level of student, from the first time beginner to the advanced student – all it takes is finding the right teacher with the right skills to develop the right practice.

Yoga for Seniors

As the U.S. senior populations grows, more and more doctors are encouraging their older patients to stay active and eat well to manage their health. One form of exercise that has grown in popularity among the baby boomers and beyond is yoga.

Beach Yoga Benefits
The beauty of doing yoga in the sand is that it conforms to your body, or wherever you move it – unlike hard floors or grassy earth. 

Yoga for Arthritis

Yoga is a great way for any arthritis sufferer to make the mind-body connection that will open the door to understand the disease and its affects on the body . Yoga can also serve as a springboard to leading a healthier lifestyle. 

Health Check – December 28th, 2016, WSRQ-FM Interview

Guest host Julie Cook Downing welcomes Julie Phillips-Turner of Chesapeake Yoga & Wellness to the show to discuss Yoga for Seniors and U.S. Veterans.
(Featured 2nd half of the program). Click Here to Access Page.

SUP Yoga: 10 Reasons to Give it a Try

SUP and yoga is a great for developing more mindfulness, focus, balance and breath skills because it takes all of those skills to be present during this type of practice.

Running is a lot like yoga. Like yoga, running is a great way to study the self. Yoga is a form of practicing our mind and body connection—just like running, we rely on listening to the body to keep us moving towards our next goal—and when we don’t, we end up getting hurt.

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